Being me..what’s up nowdays


Hello again,

Have you heard about recent things going on in Nepal? Here let me tell you how is it affecting me..

There is shortage of petrol and diesel. No petrol so no scotter driving for me.  That means i am  hasseling  around the whole day from one shift to other shift trying to avoid  the ocassional stares of ‘oh, you are so late…’ look as much as i can. How much i hate that look especially since i had to go through a lot to get here.

1st thing’ I take the bus from my stop which usually is already over loaded with people, because there aren’t many public transports running around these days, thanks to  the diesel crisis. But this bus that I have finally managed to catch, waiting for half an hour has no place for me to sit even on the hood! i squeeze in through the door risking my i am saying risking because if the driver is not careful enough with the brakes, i will literally be  flying out through the door of the bus.

2nd thing’ I have to keep protecting myself  and my dignity from the perverts’ That last time one of them squeezed my bum I had to stomp his foot so hard that my foot literally ached for the whole day. There is no avoiding wolves under these circumstances. Is there?

And wait till I tell you about this day.

I was literally about to break into tears because i was so angry…And here is the story

“Like all nepalese i have a lot of patience. That  day I sat in a queue for petrol line @5.45 am in morning after a hectic night schedule. The whole day i ate 1 pack of buiscuit, 1pack lays..2/3 gulps of water because i was scared i might need to go bathroom and someone might overtake me and thats just it! I sat in queue the whole day..and returned home @9.30pm. EMPTY!!!!!! My whole day of 17hrs lost..maintaining my patience and nothing else. It frustrates me to think how are we as a Nepalese ever gonna achieve something worthy when we have whole day to worry about petrol, loadshedding, bands…….in everyday of our life?”

Since the scooter had no fuel, no matter what we(me an my mom) tried it didn’t budge at all. So we decided its better to leave it in a queue, incase they distribute petrol for  tomorrow. Thought it was a wise idea instead of pulling and pushing the dead vechicle down the road late at this hour of night. Time passed 7 days stuck in the petrol station but nothing.,, Finally today I brought back scooter at home and fed it with petrol I bought  in black. 400rs per litre which would usually be 105 rs/litre. And I don’t even know the quality.

what option does one have in stuation like this ??


3 thoughts on “Being me..what’s up nowdays

  1. I couldn’t imagine life in your country is so hard. Our life was very much like that during and for some years after the World War 2 as we had lost everything in the war. Now we enjoy one of the highest standard of living in the world thanks for not having fought any war for the past 70 years. So much money and labor are wasted in fighting a war which can be well spent for improving the quality of life. I must confess I don’t know much about your country although our countries are both in Asia. One thing that is sure thought that it is people like you who can make your country a better place to live in. You seem very intelligent and work hard. My deep admiration to you and you and your country are always in my thought.

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    1. A very Thank You Mr Ashiaki for the comment. Its a few handful of people called ‘the politicians’ that are ruining the whole country. I worry if there will even be a place to come back to if we leave for abroad. Of course i plan to comeback but will it be possible?Heard the rumor saying to keep off people like us living abroad with british army background. i hope it always remains a rumor. There are lot of things internal conflicts and many races wouln’t be a surprise for some politicians to start another civil war again. its sad.

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  2. (I’m clumsy. My comment was sent while I was editing it. I need some correction:)
    One thing that is sure though is that it is people like you who can make your country a better place to live in. You seem to be very intelligent and you work hard. My deep admiration to you and your country, and you are always in my thought. Hope this clarified. 🙂

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