Being workouts

Hello everyone!!

I have decided to put some blogs where i will  be talking about the ‘recent changes i’m bringing to my life, positive ones’.  Hopefully you will like it and find it useful to yourself  as well.

Stretches- I’m working double shifts now-a-days, that means i will have less time for everything else. No time for exercise ‘a major set back’, though honestly i never did exercise much..hahaha. But then one needs to keep functioning to keep the engine upto date..right?

Besides you do  know the health benefits..exercise not only makes your body feel toned and light but also keeps you active throughout the day. I envy peple who can dedicate so much of their time in ‘workouts’. I can’t do it but i have managed to develop a simple way to have adequate stretches to keep my muscles relaxed and not overloaded with work .

Here are the simple tips I apply,

  • I walk short distances (if I can get to place in 20 mins.)
  • I try my best not to walk down the elevator (I will get the one going up though, because I do alot of ups and downs, a lot I tell you)
  • I stretch often when as soon as I’m work free for a moment.

(it looks ridiculous doing infront of others so I always find a quiet place)

  • And yes I start mornings with some stretches also, 10 minute would be enough.

I hope you  know, it  is not advisable to workout a hectic schedule and leave it abruptly. Try doing a little stretches everyday like me..if you can’t dedicate enough for exercise but if you can then please do ‘you are doing great’! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Being workouts

  1. For Miss Monsoon:

    Working double for making a living
    And still doing something else for good health
    Such a person is most beautiful
    For we are put on this earth to live well

    To live must be for some purpose
    What is that purpose who knows?
    At least I don’t
    Maybe to live is the purpose by itself 

    One thing for sure
    We will know it maybe at the end
    Then we will find the paradise

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