I pulled the trigger..


I pulled the trigger

Pindrop silence, just a sound of the clock was ticking

It was past 12 in night, I was not sleeping

The nib scribbled on its own, like driven by an unknown force

I weeped silently, as I wrote my suicide note.

Who was I to blame? I couldn’t think of a name

You, him, her and the perhaps the list included everyone

under my eye range..

But why? why was I doing this? I didn’t know

my mind was fogged, I was told to just follow

follow, a strange voice coming from inside

it was not me..but it was in my mind sitting tight

saying ‘ pull the trigger and let it go’

saying ‘mercy yourself but donot be remorsed’

And then, memories after memories it played

It was determined; there was no stopping its madness

Brainwashed; I had fall into unknown

A strange surge rushed through me  to end this all for once

So I lifted the revolver, I pulled the trigger,

Hoping one shot and I will end this game  forever

A flash light and I fell to the ground ‘thud’

into your arms..

The battle of my life has been lost.


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