Know your nutrition’ why do we need them??

Do you know empty calories? everyone is intrested to know about it..

Basically empty calories are foods that gives you calories but no nutrition. Nutrition? What is that? And why do we need that?

Lets start with the basics. Because you gotta know this atleast!! I will try my very best to put in simple language.

Nutrition is basically nourishing your cells to function in its maximal capacity. It can be in form of macronutrients(those needed in large quantities) eg carbohydrate, protein and fats or micronutrients(those needed in small scale) eg minerals and vitamins.

The macronutrients are ‘energy givers’, it gives you calories to sustain.

Carbohydrates– main source of glucose. Glucose is like a universal currency, your body uses for daily energy expenses. Lets say a ‘production house of energy.’

Proteins-are required for growth and synthesis of tissues. Most components including enzymes, hormones of our body is a protein component.

Incase your body doesnot have carbohydrate, this will be broken to release glucose as an alternate source.

Fat- Donot always take fat as a bad guy! These are also major sources of energy. You know why fat people have more chances to survive freezy cold antartica with starvation than thin people? Yup, it is because of fat, it will burn to give you energy. Besides, fats are required for absorption of certain vitamins like vitamin A,D,E,K. Also it is needed to synthesize certain hormones.

Caloric values of each

carbohydrate 4kcal/gram
protein 4kcal/gram
fat 9kcal/gram



Are included in micronutrients. They have diverse functions.

Vit A-most important for night vision. It’s deficiency will cause you Night blindness.

Vit D-gives you bone strength. It is actually true, exposing oneself to sunlight especially the morning sun will help you in generation of vitamin D. Deficiency can cause Rickets, osteoporosis.

Vit E-is an anti-oxidant. Lets say it’s function is to detox. There are a number of reactions going inside your machine, lot of harmful products are being generated, this will be tackled by vit E. The deficiency has been associated with some forms of anemia in babies.

Vit K- is active participant of coagulation cascade. This cascade basically stops you from bleeding. Deficieny will cause bleeding disorder, and a syndrome called hemorrhagic disease of newborn in newborns like the name suggests.

Vit B-This includes a whole range of names inside it. Most important for you to know is vit B12 and folic acid.

Deficiency of  vit 12 will cause progressive neurological damage. True deficiency is evident in strict vegetarians  who donot consume animal and fish products, as they are one of the major  sources of it.

Deficiency of folic acid on other hand, which plays a major role in cell divison will cause anemia, in pregnant it has been implicated for neural tube defects. Hence folic acid supplementation a month before conception and atleast 3 months afterward is recommended by CDC(centre for disease control and prevention).

There are many of course,I could just go on and on but these are the most basics  along with vit C ofcourse, which I bet you know because of its good use in skincare remedies and diets. About the mineral parts like ca, Zn, i have left em out. Donot want you to get bored with long….blog. Do some research. ok” 🙂

Stay Healthy.


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