Let’s talk health!!


So whats the topic? Lets see..what affects your health the most, that we can both acknowledg AND that you have a control over so you can actually do something about it. Because you do know there are things that cannot be controlled regarding your health, right? Like age, sex and many more factors that I will also be discussing later.

Nah you don’t need to brainstorm.. The obvious topic ‘food’.

Yup,this can directly affect you as it is what, you have allowed to be eaten. It starts its journey by you, chewing with your mouth, churning in your stomach to further digesting and  absorbing at your intestine then finally letting it out as good poo throwing your waste products. All the while it travels through, your blood is constantly absorbing it as nutrition for billions of your cells who are working out every seconds for you to function. Now imagine, putting a wrong oil to that machine of yours?

So, what exactly is right healthy diet for you?

Here is an update I would like to give you. The previous health diet chart given by USDA(united states Department of agriculture) ‘The pyramid’ has been replaced by ‘My Plate’. Personally, I think its for better, because I also thought the pyramid was too confusing along with my friends who often complained ‘How much exactly is the proportion of each level  on the chart?’

amazonaws.com This is the previous Health Chart
This is the previous Health Chart

Now with the new  concept, its easy. You just have to fill half your plate with vegetables and fruit(50%) the remaining half the plate with protein(25%) and grains(25%)  along with a refreshing side drink of fat free/low  milk or yogurt

If you are finding it difficult what to arrange on your 50% dish of fruits and vegetables I would say ‘apple’ is a great start. Like they say ‘apple a day keeps doctors away’. Never mind if you can’t have them. You can get apricots, cherries, orange, peaches, pears, strawberries, tomatoes and on vegetables you can get beans, broccoli, carrots, corn, pea, potatoes, spinach. For proteins, you can get poultry products, fish, meat, eggs and legumes. Anything that you like.



please do read-http://www.choosemyplate.gov/about is very simply explained as well



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