My Father’s story (part 2)

My Father’s story is inspired by Mr Ashiaki’s Blog. He has so much stories to tell.

Here is the link / Please do read it.

While reading his beautiful poem about his own life it made me think if normal people did have stories at all to tell. Then, i thought about my Father. He is not a very outspoken man but he often tells me his stories. The treasures i will always have in my memory.

I am only trying to sketch with my words his life in pages.


You should study hard my father says

‘For I never got that chance’

‘Life was cruel to me my dear ‘

‘I too had ambitious dreams of future’

He frowns his forehead, remembering perhaps a past, he wants to forget

But then, may be not..this is a story he thinks he must tell

‘I clashed again,  with those fullhardy boys’ he begins

‘and then later what followed, I can’t recall’

‘They had pushed me down, down the two stories building’

‘Making sure it was the end of me and my nuisance, once and for all’

‘But Death was kind ’

‘I survived, I did and I studied even harder’

‘I moved out to follow my dreams, in next place, again a new starter’

‘However, still,  there was something wrong, something with my brain’

‘I couldn’t retain the things I learnt until I read it a number of times again’

‘Never mind I said to myself, I just needed a decent job’

‘I pushed hard’

‘But there isn’t anything else like beginner’s luck’

‘I envied my brother’

‘I really did ..for faith had in store a lot of luck for him’

‘He got himself enrolled into a school called Durbar High’

‘A noble name, married to rich, he had developed wings’

‘and he could fly..’

‘When I was  15, he wanted partition of property, my blind mother cried’

‘having to leave me alone in my destiny, she strongly denied’

‘But I didn’t care,’

‘my fortune would never have bought me anything in either ways’

‘I walked off from home, hoping even for a person like me there must be better days’

And when he ends it there sadly, my heart gulps

I worry for little him thinking… ‘will he make it here??”

But I’m his daughter and I know,

it took him lot of heartache and courage

to stand up bold

and to decide for himself what he wanted to

at such tender young age, when children like me just worried about school.


3 thoughts on “My Father’s story (part 2)

  1. You caught it well and expressed it well
    A great poem
    It reassured me that there will always a way open
    In a right direction
    As long as there is the determination in the core of your heart
    That you will live a right life

    Liked by 1 person

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