In Eurika’s Garden (chapter 3,4,5)

A note- Dear readers, chapter 3,4 and 5 came out to be quite short after editing. so i’m putting them out together. Hope you will like it 🙂

A note- Dear readers, chapter 3,4 and 5 came out to be quite short after editing. so i’m putting them out together. Hope you will like it 🙂

The Ant Kingdom

The little odd looking caterpillar then lived with the queen ant and her huge army at the colony. She was greatly admired by her foster mother who always made sure that she was not picked out and bullied. But behind her back, many ants always found out a way to make her feel unwanted. “You don’t belong to us” they would say. Even the little ants her age would shout out often to her singing “Big fat and bulky, go away”.

However bitter it may seem but it was true. The little caterpillar was larger than the ants and they did not like it as she was an outcast among the ants. Day by day, she even grew bigger till one day she was bigger than the ant queen herself. Being huge, her moving around in the castle, would make the chamber of the colony shake. “It’s not your fault dear” the queen ant would consolate her, but deep down little caterpillar knew she was causing a lot of troubles.

Chapter 4                                                                                 

Running away

One day after a heavy work the little caterpillar sat for dinner ahead of others, desperately hungry. The ant cook had just spread out the dinner and was making other arrangements for the soup. Intrigued by hunger she started eating whatever that was laid, till nothing was left by the time she was done. Upon seeing this, the ant cook was furious. ‘Are you a monster? You have eaten everything of today’s dinner. There is nothing left’ he shouted.

Suddenly realizing that she had eaten everything the caterpillar felt guilty and asked for forgiveness. ‘You are a monster!!’ the ant cook smirked expressing anger in his face.

Ashamed of her act and hurt by the cook’s behavior the little caterpillar than ran out in the darkness, further and further and far away from the colony.

But little did she knew, the more she ran, the closer she came to the big bushes of the evil lizard.

Chapter 5

The big evil Lizard

The lizard was strolling around the bushes, looking out for its next prey when he heard the little caterpillar sobbing. “Who is this fool” he thought with a wicked grin. Upon seeing the helpless caterpillar, wandering lost in the bushes, the lizard followed it waiting for the right time to jump and startle.

“Boo…” he said, appearing suddenly in front of the caterpillar.

The little caterpillar froze in fear.

“Oh I know your kind. I ate your siblings after they just hatched from their eggs, one by one” said the lizard slithering past her.

“I don’t have siblings” stammered the caterpillar.

“Oh did no one tell you? Oh how poor of me, I forgot your mother did not live to tell you the story” the lizard said with an evil grin on his face moving closer to her forking its tongue.

Scared to death, the caterpillar cried out “Stay away from me help, please somebody help!!’


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