IN Eurika’s Garden


In Eurika’s Garden (chapter 2)

A Peculiar creature appears

In the evening a huge mass of insects collected outside the palace, to hear what the queen had to say. The egg was brought by two soldier bees and put on the fluffy head of the large mushroom in the middle of the crowd followed by the appearance of the queen bee with her cousin queen ant.

“We are gathered here today because the soldiers on petrol have found an egg. We don’t think the egg belongs to us, neither to any creatures of this kingdom, yet I would like to make sure if this belongs to any of you?” questioned the queen bee.

After looking at the egg in front of them the crowd responded.

“No my queen”.

“It was found in the middle of bushes, unattended I wish to know about its origins so please my subjects take a good look”the queen urged again.

The crowd started to mumble about the egg. Responding together “No, our queen the egg does not belong to any of us in the kingdom”

Then the Queen slightly nodded her head and said “perhaps its mother and the rest of eggs were victim to the lizard”.

The crowd gasped followed by a pin drop silence.

“So since it has been found on our land, no matter what the creature it holds within it. We have decided to accept it as one of us” the queen bee announced their decision.

Just as the queen finished her sentence, a cracking voice grasped everyone’s attention.

From the egg a small creature covered in slime appeared, making its way out. It had a dark colored hair with odd looking spots around its body.  With many legs it crawled, flickering its big lashes that seemed oddly attached to its round big black eyes. It looked around at the big crowd who looked at it with horrified face looking confused.

“What creature is that!” an old queen ant cried out.

“What is this creature?” hummed the bees.

“I don’t know” screeched the grasshopper with a book as everyone looked at him for an answer.

‘But you know everything’ cried the other grasshopper standing next to him.

‘Not this one. It appears like a caterpillar but looks different from the ones I have met. It’s an odd looking caterpillar for sure” he replied now busy making a note and a sketch of the creature, in his book.

“Maybe she is a caterpillar? But what kind is she?” questioned the ants.

“We can throw her away if she is not. She could be dangerous to our children” said the beetles fearing the creature, hiding their little children behind them.

“Quiet!” The ant queen thundered.

“Let’s not be so harsh. She is but just a hatchling. I will hear no more about it” she said.

Then she approached the creature and looked at it admiringly as the creature looked her back like a baby looks at their mother.

“I will adopt her sister” she said her gaze adoring the odd little creature.


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