My Very 1st creation.. IN EURIKA’S GARDEN’

Goodmorning everyone, it’s 8am in the morning here. And today i’m really excited to share you a children’s story i have been working on. I just got it yesterday after some editing from my guy.  . 🙂 (its from google though, such a heart warming illustration isn’t it???)

Eurika’s Garden 


In the city, a home to millions of people, laid a beautiful garden named Eurika’s garden. There lived many of the adorable creatures. Some that walked, some that flew and some that crawled in the ground.  The  kingdom was ruled by a beautiful queen called the ‘Queen Bee’ and her cousin sister ‘Queen Ant’. These queens were kind, gracious and good rulers. They made sure that all their subjects lived peacefully and happily, until one day appearance of a mysterious egg takes them by surprise..

Chapter 1

A mysterious egg


Two soldier bees went out to petrol the garden early in the morning as their routine work.  They did this twice a day  in turns to look out for the  possible dangers especially watchful for the ‘evil lizard’ that often lurked out of nowhere to grab the fellow insects of the kingdom. This lizard was feared by all. He knew camouflage and  he would often  use it to hide himself, invisible to the eyes. And when the prey arrived in, it would launch it’s attack visciously. No insect had ever ran away from the grasp of the evil lizard.

After the daily rounds around the garden, the two tired bees sat high above on the petal of a white rose and looked around admiringly.

“It’s a beautiful place” said the 1st soldier bee.

“Yes, it is” replied the 2nd bee.

Just as they were getting ready to bask their wings and head back to their hive, the 1st bee saw a sparkling white object on the edge of the garden, near a pomelo tree. They both flew near to it. “Oh, it’s an egg” said the 1st bee after observing it closely and cautiously.

“But who could have left an egg abandoned in such a dangerous place out here?” asked the 2nd bee concerned in his voice.

“We must take it to the queen” said the first bee and they both hurried their way.

After flying a long distance, they arrived at the other edge of the garden where a big orange tree stood, with a couple of oranges ripped ready to be eaten along with lavishly blossomed beautiful white flowers. There lied a honeycomb, castle of the queen bee guarded by her soldier bees. Saying, ‘Queen.. my queen’ first soldier approaches gasping for air bowing in front of the queen followed by 2nd soldier. They explain the queen what they had witnessed.

After hearing them out, queen addresses them “I must discuss this with my cousin sister. That’s all for now you may go”. So the two queens sat together and discussed if the egg did belong to their kingdom or not.

They decided to call in a huge gathering. And a crowd was gathered infront of the Queen Bee’s  palace.

(please have patience for second part. i will be posting it tommorow, as you already know i intend to post articles 20 days straight!! Great Day!!)


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