I’m sorry. Sometimes i do rant. It’s difficult to say it aloud why  i do?? I hope this poem “if it sounds like a poem at all’ will tell a little of my story. Its a very long one though, hopefull you will not feel bored..



What should I do? Where should I go?

Should I Pursue higher or sit back and work?

Chase the dreams he says

The board of my ambition is soaring  away from the bay

Luring me onto the sea

A promise of intrest, should I catch it before it leaves?

But who’s gonna be a responsible lady?

Who’s gonna bear  the  consequences?

Stacks of money that has bought me my dream

Will never let go off the leash, on my neck

The rents, the medical bills, ‘add’ food and clothes too

But that’s not all, is it??

Wish there was a way out..i could find soon’

One’s got to live and I will live because “I am a strong one”

But Damn ‘time’ do you really have to run..so fast

making me suffer, leaving me helpless like a loser

shattering hopes that look up to me and

say ‘Someday……someday.. my  dear daughter…’


6 thoughts on “Dilemma’

    1. Mr Mukund i am really sorry for a very late reply. somehow your comment got itself into spam folder and this is the first time i am seeing it. i didnot mean to be rude. sure i do follow you. your posts are great 🙂

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