A note first,

Dear fellow bloggers, ‘empty mind is devil’s workshop’ they say. While I wait for my documents to shift with my parents abroad. I will be stuck for a while with nothing to do and this always drives me crazy. So  I have decided, to pursue my passion of writting making the best of this oppurtunity, i will  post  atleast one article each day for next 20 days straight! With so much going on my head, the turmoils, i hope i can ventilate it out…The articles will especially be poems, occasional rantings and also a glimpse of children’s story that I have  been working, on this spare time.. Perhaps, i can find a thought that collides with yours too.. hopefully. Thank you for being so supportive all these times.

Happy blogging J

Here is what I leave you with for today,



Standing infront of a mirror

Following creases on her face

Caressing gently with manicured fingers

Avoiding marks that could stain

The beautiful canvas, she was blessed with

Reminiscing her old days

Oh the blissfull times’

When her flesh glowed

Lovers line

and the hearts’ on the footstep of her doors.

(Human emotions)


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