Walking the hospital corridor..


As a med student, people are always expecting alot from you. To behave in a professional way comes in the 1st category with many more…there is alot i tell you! Ofcourse  i am not complaining here, about having to behave professional and decent all the time. All other profession requires that too. But  what i am complaining, No..infact making a point to my observation here is, whenever i think of a profession with gloomy people and perhaps a dark cloud always hovering over their heads,ready to bring thunderstorm and rain  ‘Doctors’ come 1st in mind. And bravo this is ‘the profession i am heading in’.

The general theory, being alone with corpses for long and  spending hours and hours of their life inside the hospital buildings, makes them cold like those of hospital walls itself and  insensitive in many ways.. still lurks around the corners of the hospital. And perhaps it is true. Infact most of the times, by the time you graduate from a med college, your heart will become something that is a little too resistant to emotions. Believe me, you will be sad mentally that the patient is collapsing, your brain will be hitting your command buttons to do anything possible within your limits to save life that is now slowely passing out onto thin air infront of your own very eyes.. but you won’t be sad inside your heart. Yes it sounds a little oversaid, but it is true. I am not saying you will be inhuman. But i am saying, you won’t be the same.

Perhaps, you wore really sad and might even have shed  tears before in situations like this when you were a starter, when you said to yourself  ‘I have to be stronger”. But then one day, you will be  able to break a sad news to the patient party, without breaking yourself  inside and out and bravo that moment you will  welcome yourself  to the ‘world of professionals’.

Here being the best count, serving the best counts and most of all standing the toughest counts. As i walked today along these hospital corridors where i first stepped  naive and an emotional teenager, i found myself turning the pages of  my memory book remembering each incidences that transformed me to who i am today. Yes i have welcomed myself to world of professionals, with my very 1st step but i still crave to remain  an emotional human while i venture on my professional world. Perhaps someday i will look in  my own eyes and  tell myself  that i am a better person than i think i am…


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