ii donot own the pic :
ii donot own the pic :

Yesterday i was watching this movie “Confession of Shopaholic”. I bet everyone has seen that movie. Its great! This made me thinking ‘Am i a shopaholic?’My friends think the answer is definate “YES!” but i beg to differ.

Here is a shopping pattern i have. I apply all or none phenomenon.. when i buy i get em all when i don’t i just don’t. I don’t mind getting the same shirt, the same design 2 pieces or 3, but the condition is they have to differ in color. yah’ there i have a flaw..but when i shop i usually don’t go for branded stuffs. NO!! ‘I donot speak prada”. Infact most of the times i go for best deals..i wait for sales to show up. And when it does i start picking the clothes..Along with mine, i make sure i grab a couple for my dearie sister, sometimes for my brothers, dad or even my bf.. IDK i have that strange guilt in the pit of stomach when i just buy for myself. Maybe that is the reason why i return back home with bag of clothes but empty pocket.

Sometimes when there are best deals, i even burrow from my friends making a desperate face, so you know why they think i’m an obvious shopaholic tag. But you don’t wana lose such a big fat luck, do you? I would buy em all if i had enough money. Yes in the movie the confession of the lead actress is so genuninely plotted that it manages to hit the excat guilty spot on my head. why do i shop? Why do any girls want to shop?

It’s magic, its being bossy..its the part about taking “I Run The World” when beyonce sings it “who runs the world?”Isn’t it? Yes, may be my all or none phenomenon is little out of ordinary . And i know i should be shopping enough and not out for  the thrill of roller coaster ride but believe me this i have been trying very hard to get out of my system. My mom always manages to wound me with her deadly words whenever i shop and come back home. Sometimes its real intense. That’s why,i always make sure that the clothes are out away from her sight neatly stacked on my cupboard.But why do i hide?? i buy them foor  a reason…i buy them because i need them, i buy because i think someone in my family needs them, i buy because they were out on the right time with the right price on..

Hopefully you understood my dilemma 🙂


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