Day2 (writting about Nepal) Namaste :)

(i donot own pic)
(i donot own pic)

“Namaste” is a form of greeting done by putting plams together bowing head low. It is also a form of respect given to guests and people elder to oneself in age or relation. Though some cultures requires touching feet of elders or just bending head allowing oneself to be touched by the palms of the elders for blessing as a form of greeting. But ‘Namaste’ a general greeting will suffice. Yes ‘Namaste’ is the same act done with palms brought together bowing head down for prayers on temples or monasteries as well but only difference is ‘not saying namaste’.


I also think it necessary to remind you though it has been mentioned a number of times everywhere, ‘Please donot be hurt if Nepalese don’t greet you back with a handshake because many are not accustomed to it and also because it is considered unacceptable to shake hands with strangers especially for women”.


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