Day 1(writting about Nepal) Welcome :)

(i donot own pic)
(i donot own pic)

Brought up in country of Himalayas, a sacred place of birth of lord Buddha I have always been proud of being “Nepali”. Yes if you see in world’s map ‘Nepal’ looks almost like a dot, a small rectangular brick like sketch perhaps squeezed between its huge neighbours ‘china’ and ‘india’ as referred by founder King Prithivi Narayan Shah as “yam between two boulders”.

But though small in territory of land only  147,181 sq km, extended 28degree north and 84 degree east in latitude and longitude, donot be fooled by appearance, Nepal is a world in itself.Geographically ranging from snow alpine mountains to hot humid plains of terai, vast diversity in floras and faunas to diverse ethnicity and religion blending together in harmony and peace, i believe there is none other place like Nepal.  And I welcome you in it “Namaste”.


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