I’m not pissed because I’m fat ;)

Its always been the universal law of people “to point flaws on other people”. To explain you in simple terms, here is the opening line I keep “I am not pissed because I am fat, I am pissed because my friends are thin”.

Here saying ‘I am fat’ is like miking to the world that ‘hey I love fast foods, I am too lazy to exercise and I am simply not corncerned with whatever you think because I love carbs and whatever you say is not gonna affect me’. And when I say that I stand firm. Nothing in the world is going to make me think that “I am fat” because I am already admitting it myself so haha for you.

11830939_1100425299987059_2100985747_n     But when I stand next to my thin friend,  things change. I am like “okkkkk..maybe I got little more fats here and there”. The realization now hunts me.. “i’m not ok with my friend having curvelicious body…”I mean I’m ok but I don’t want to be fatso when my friends are like bombshells.So I plan out spending hours of sleepless nights. I exercise, I diet, I cut off my cheese to paperthin just enough to give me that heavenly cheesy smell..i sacrifice A LOT to get that figure!!


But “There is no love sinner than the love of food.” 1 week and I am like “ Give me… some milk…give me extracheese…” like a zombie. I tell you a month more and I feel like I would kill for a plate of momo.

And I don’t even understand why I do this. On my holidays I’m like curled up all day in my couch watching T.V with a popcorn or chips on my hand. “The disastrous combination!!”  I don’t even know how many chips/buckets of popcorn I gulp down before I actually wakeup for lunch or dinner. Its like my hand mouth coordination is in autopilot mode, foods keep reaching my mouth without even signaling my brain’s satiety centre “hey she has been dumping food in the blackhole since hours..make her stop!!”

So here I am after a month in vacation, OBESE! Looking almost like  a fully riped tomato about to explode anytime soon, jostling down the road grasping for my breadth, my jeans tight and jippers about to give away soon…But No I don’t care..till I see my friend and here the cycle goes again “I’m not pissed because I’m fat, I’m pissed because my friends are thin” 😉


5 thoughts on “I’m not pissed because I’m fat ;)

  1. Never thought of being overweight that way lolt. But I do understand the message that I’m pissed that my friends are all skinny. I fully understand that feeling…. Why can’t they love junk food as much as me?? Horrible skinny people. Great post 👏

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