The Royals and The loss of Monarchy in Nepal

Coming from generation of 90’s  one should know we come from era where a history was written and rewritten again. Civil war, loss of Monarchy and the big earthquake(2072) we survived it. And perhaps a reminder that will appear in history books of our children for generations is how Nepal lost its monarchy. “June 1,2001 Friday”

The ominous day of Royal Massacre at Narayanhiti Royal palace where the entire family of King Birendra was wiped out.  An Unsolved mystery that still lingers in the palace (now a national museum) leaving every visitors unanswered of endless questions.


After the massacre, King Dipendra heir to king Birendra was announced the king. However it was shortlived .3days after his death. King Gyanendra(brother to King Birendra) ascended the throne, who was also forced to overthrow monarchy with rise of Maoist Government.

Very popular for his kindness King Birendra was loved by his countrymen, upon hearing the news of the royal massacre Nepalese were deeply mourned. Many shaved their heads as a tribute of respect for their king as the rites performed in hindu religion where people shave their heads to mourn demise of their family members.

I still have the vivid memory as a child, how NTV livecasted the bodies of Royal family being taken to the aaryaghat pashupati on saturday. Raised in a country of monarchy “The King” was the pride of our country, worshipped as lord Vishnu “The king” was our “Living God”. But suddenly he was there nomore. All of Nepal including me, refused to believe that the corpses we were seeing on broadcast was that of our beloved royal family, refused to believe that the ominous day of june1st,2001 Friday  has been engraved in our history.

We followed the procession of the body to  the aaryaghat with the broadcast, thousands of Nepalese had come along the route to bid our beloved royal family goodbye. Showers of rains gently drizzled that day as if the sky itself was crying  with the thousands of wails echoing in Kathmandu and mournful tears running down our faces. With flowers and sindhur tossed in air bidding sad goodbyes the cremation was held.

Perhaps the pain of never seeing the Royal Family again or perhaps the faces of painful assassinations we will never know what caused the outburst in us. Suddenly Chaos and riots upsurged. Curfew was announced to bring down the angry mob.

After 13days of official mourning we all returned to our daily schedules. Back at school I remember nothing but talks about the Massacre till months. Talks about The Good king, The Ominous day, The Conspiracies..The Talks with endless questions that will perhaps be never answered..


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