“Beautiful Lie”

photo Courtesy-dreamstime.com
photo Courtesy-dreamstime.com

Blank thoughts and vacant stare

sitting down on your chair

With  head buried down so low,

like  grandpa on his 80’s

With wrinkles and worries, the look you never wanted to show.

The coffee mug on your hand, half empty and half full

Never have I seen,

You always loved finishing what you started

Yet here you are, slouching..

Gnawing pain down your stomach,

But what hurts is your heart…

Its not ageing but you are having a hard time

Giving your engine a start.

A hero, to my rescue

You are more than my superstar

I can always trust you, and I know you can

grab that second chance

But Sometimes I cry,

And I cry.. because its hard to see you try..

Sometimes I cry because you never share the pain you hide..


Just sometimes I cry, I cry

because you make me believe your “Beautiful lies”..


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