Be out there :)

Couresy Mr Rhythm :)
Couresy Mr Rhythm 🙂

Its intresting how social media has evolved and gradually become a daily part of our lives.

Do you have that itch too, to check  facebook  or instagram or twitter or your blog perhaps, when you wake up early in the morning, like its your eye opener thing? You do??I do too. Its addictive, and not just as an eye opener..whenever i am free, i have no idea how my hands works like it has a mind of its own..tapping on my phone I find myself constantly logging on to these social sites, its annoying. Believe me when I say you this, most of the times I have no clue why I do this thing,  logging in and out.. and I am not even popular to have messages and notifications swarming in my site!!

“Oooh I’v got a message.

Omg there is a notification.

Wow.. she is enjoying her life, unlike someone who is sitting glued to chair and liking her posts. Hmph..

OMg he puts so boring status updates.

Woooohoo..his friend is hot.

Aww..she is so cute……”

These are the most thought of lines or sentences that  I’ve just managed to download after going through hectic traffics and virus/malwares  craps  from my brain chips whenever I’m logging into my social websites.

Its made life easier, much easier. I can be 24/7 of  my life, in touch with people on my friend lists, be it anywhere they are living and be it whatever they are doing…ofcourse if they post it. And for that I don’t even have to be with them, just follow them and be updated, its that simple. A “Hi” works wonders  on chats instead of going through that long process of visiting them at their place and asking about how life is rolling. Crush problem? No worries. Just follow your crush..keep liking pictures and post “obviously I notice you” comments till your crush replies you back’. Have a difficult time expressing?Feel lonely? That too no problem. There are lot of sites where you get to meet people of your interests and share your stories and they are just a click away. That simple.

But today my intention was not just to talk about the goodness of these sites.

After I got the doodle that I have posted on this post from my boyfriend, it made me realize that I have created a flaw on myself due to my addiction for these sites. It made me see how I tweeted him cute messages, instagram him cute pics, facebooked him now and then but paid little attention to his presence near me.

A fact that how emotionally I have attached myself to these webs of social medias world and lost myself in the real world where I need to express with my voice, touch with my fingers, and stand as me “the real me” and not someone as I present on my media world.

Think about it.

There are people who wish a ‘Happy Fathers Day’ or ‘Happy mother day’ on these social sites hoping their parents would get the message and not visit their place or even make a call to make a simple wish is sad. And you know there are.

There are people, who marry the person they meet on fb or some social sites, never meeting them once in their real life which is just insane.. a person to spend a whole life together, without even meeting him once and trying to know atleast for once that ‘yes, he is the deal like he said he was’.

You will be amazed to know how people are different then they are from the person they are on these sites.

I’m not saying here social sites are bad. It is good! Duh..

I just wanted to say..Don’t lose the touch of your reality.. Nothing sounds more beautiful than the words “I love you”from the voice of person you love whispering to your ears, Nothing hurts so much than the texts that says “lets breakup”. A hug will always be a beautiful memory ,to all those hours spent on chats and making up.

We are humans..physical intimacy will always attract us, physical presence will always make us feel more. So just don’t  stay and like and comment, if you mean to keep the person in your life “Be out there and express, laugh, whatever But  be there” Life is just too short to waste and just too long to spend on webs. J


6 thoughts on “Be out there :)

  1. The virtual world adds another layer to reality but it is easy to get out of balance. Then the virtual drowns out the natural world. We need to exercise our senses, feel, taste, touch, see natural sights, and hear natural sounds. We need these things like we need food, water, and air.

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