Say No To Bullying!!

i donot own this pic :)
i donot own this pic 🙂

stop bulying I was born just 1 year and 2 days younger to him as his little sister. From the moment I was born I seeked all of my mother’s attention to many years later, in many things I have taken away the attention he deserved and overshadowed him. Yeah i should mind my language but thats just me. i speak outright. i dont care who gets hurt. No, he has never said it but it’s my guilt that I am speaking now.

Born a preterm and almost always sick he spent most of his early days at home. Lagging at education worried mom for he was the eldest son and being born on asian superstrict family he had to excel in studies no matter what. Enrolled together we sat on same class and on same bench. So I should know how hard he worked to keep up with the classes; but we had 7 classes, each difficult and different even at class 2. It was hard catching up everything.

Teachers would scold him for being a thick head that would make him withdraw from angelic face to a gloomy face and  stare vacantly at blackboard he didn’t understand. But at the end of the day he would pull himself up together and we’d both be happy running back to our home. Often my brother used to carry my books back home with already included his 7 books with 7 notebooks, extra 1 rough copy with total 15 things, lunch box on his bagpack along with extra mine.

I was aways his little sister, loved and spoilt . And to this day I hate my little self for it. It was difficult for him to adjust. “He is fat little shy boy sitting with his sister” the boys on his class would say. How much I hate them to think of it. Those boys often bullied him. But being the kind soul, he was always  so good to them.That year i topped my score in class my parents decided that I would do better even if I jumped a grade and that’s what I did. From that day I was a class senior to my brother and we departed on our own school lives.

One day principal of our school caught him with balloons on his bag at class 5. She took him infront of school and beat him with a thick pipe. I was so mad because this was my brother she was blaming, and  I know he was just too shy and just too mannered to hit girls with water filled balloons. Boys of his class must have done the mischief. How I hate bullies with every drop of my blood I have, tormenting him without reasons. After hitting him 2-3 times, I was so angry and I was hurt. I went crying infront of assembly pleading our principal to stop beating him. I cried and I cried but she was asking me to go away; till finally I won by crying my eyes out ,making her frustrated. (why do teachers beat children so inhumanly?Don’t they have childrens of their own?)

That day he went back home with swollen bottoms, with tears running down his eyes yet saying nothing to mom. Because she would then be mad believing that he did the mischief himself. (Why do parents think that if their children are not doing great at studies they are upto some mischief or not going to school or doing drugs?Just because they are not great at studies why are they the ones wrong at everything?)

On class 7, his classteacher called me to his class. I was a school prefect backthen. I thought may be there was some problem with students under my house but No she had called me because she was angry that my brother had not done homework. And she wanted to show my brother ‘what a lazy loser he was and and what a perfect student his little sister was’. She blabbered the whole 45 minutes of period she was assigned to about what a thick head he is, how he was gonna live and how he can never be good with anything.  And all that 45mins I stood infront of the class silently with him standing on a bench at the back of his class. (why did she not understand I’m his sister,I am bound to get hurt. Did she not have brothers of her own?)

Years later my parents shifted to u.k. I now had already backed down my grades and was a hopeless little freak. But my parents had decided to enroll me in a med college and made me stay back. Student loan and a big fee..I was suffocating. But for my brother, I had pulled the trigger. “Adjusting itself was hard,  earning for family of 6 was hard, filling up for sister’s fee was hard and on top of that giving up on futher studies and his dreams was the hardest” for him.  But after everything he has been through and is going through because of me, he still tells me “I’m proud of you. Don’t worry about the money. You just do your study thing and be a great doc.” And that is my brother. He is a great man. And I don’t know how  can people not understand him? How can his classmates bully him when he can be such a great friend? How can the principal hit him when she dosen’t even know its not him? How can the classteacher mock him when she dosen’t know he is the one always guiding me??

So for every stories you don’t know, or you don’t want to know. For every scene you don’t see or don’t want to see. And every cries you don’t hear or you don’t want to hear. Here it is, Stop bullying!!! Not just the children who bully but the teachers who hits children without knowing their side of opinion. But the teachers who torment children and make their everyday at school unpleasant, you are bullies too! Stop yourself and make others like yourself stop! Just stop bullying!!   😦


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