The ‘Devious’ Money

i donot own copyright to pic :)
i donot own copyright to pic 🙂

The ‘Devious’ Money

You know what more money can do..but you are too close to win,          You don’t want to  lose.,                                                                             The devil is out, time has stopped and it has marked a feW.          Tick tock tick tock the curse is also on you.

All those little things you could buy and make you happy

Seems petty

Your desire is getting big, you want more and more money..

A little time to share is what you forget

and you shower just the diamonds to convey your feelings

Like king Midas you start seeing goldmines in everything.

Money was good but it works like a dark and devious genie

Ticktock ticktock the curse is working..

You saw a poor man die of hunger but you can’t give him penny to feed,

you saw an old lady shiver but you would rather throw out your fury coat than donate it.

At the middle somewhere you are feeling lost,

And the devil knows it

Time had stopped he had marked a few and you were on it.

The touch of gold you have, never did touch the needy

The greedy you touched never did let you believe it

‘That you sold your soul for petty desires of money’

‘That the devil was watching you and ticktock ticktock he had paid for it’


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