Dear you’

(i wasn’t planning out in putting out this confession but something made me ..its a pathological writting with my crazy brain. hope you will like it i donot own copyright to this pic :)

i donot own copyright to this pic 🙂

Dear you,

I have a confession to make. A confession that i have held inside me for many years and here it is “I was your secret admirer”.

I know i presented myself as if i’m oblivious to you and with everything related to you. But if i say i pretended to be that way, because i was scared that you would find about it,would you believe it? I watched you everyday..every little things you did, every pranks that you played silently. Feeling annoyed by your rudeness looking at how you bullied other kids, feeling annoyed by your thoughtfullness looking at how heartless you can get. Feeling more and more annoyed each time i saw you playing with others feelings.

Did you know you were my 1st crush? No i never said that so i’l just leave it. But you must know i was at cloud 9 when i found out that you had feelings for me too. Anyways you were a douchebag so it makes no sense for you to have feelings for anyone. And i saw you so many times and i know so well how heartless can you get i decided that “No, i will never be tamed by you!”

But deep down somewhere i was getting sick “love sick” and you were acting so much like a love struck puppy. I was confused. But i had to stand my ground for saving my own heart, for sake of my own pride so i refused.

And that day came, when i was asked  “do you love him?” i said “I don’t know.”blankly.

I’m sorry but it was true i didn’t know. i didn’t know what in the world had happened to me to make me fall for a rude heartless boy..i didn’t know how in the world did a  shwallow girl like me came to feel so much..

After years and years apart i still think of you sometimes. I see you in my dreams as that ‘cool little boy playing pranks as rude as always and me getting annoyed’. You are a douchebag.. i still say to myself but you did leave an imprint that i can’t wash away. And deep down in my heart i really  hope we would meet someday. But from all these thousands of things i want to say i know i will just say “Hello, again”.

your secret admirer. 🙂


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