Because i was always a little hungry pig ;)

i donot ownthe copy right :)
i donot ownthe copy right

I was smart creature when I was little. Only when I started realizing I am actually smart I started running downhill thanks to my pride.

Well this topic does start with a little smart head I had. It so happened that I and my elder brother enrolled in school together. Till class two we sat on same 1st bench together. I was you know the quirky type little girl (i know I find it annoying too to recall myself) and my brother was just so lazy. He also used to get frequently ill and had hard time covering his courses. And of course, I would take every chances I could get to be his hero doing his assignments. But later like a lazy person he was ,my brother actually started depending on me..too dependent. He would say to mom at last moment before going to school that he has stomach ache and whatever and could’t complete his homework. He would plead mom not to send him school coz the teacher would then give her punishment. And mom believing him, would make me do his homework superfast. And after a lot of those,I really got tired and I just stopped doing it.

One day my brother came to me real frustrated saying he needed help with his homework. And I tried to help. Then after few minutes,he ran off ..emotionally blackmailing me to let him go out and play while mom was busy shopping. I was blackmailed I tell you because I felt sorry for him. Sorry for my “Fat little short chubby brother looking at me  with excitement twinkling in his small black little round eyes” He is so loveable why can’t he find friends I thought. But then again I thought he always blackmails me I am the victim here. So I decided to stay firm on my ground. “What’s in for me??” I asked. He narrowed his small eyebrows and opened his tiffin and said “I will give you my lunch.”

And I just melted seeing my little fat brother offering me tiffin with his chubby hands. I melted seeing mom’s bread omlette special that has not been eaten. I don’t know what else melted me, I just melted. I was bribed. And ever since that day to many years I was his slave, doing his homeworks. I am guilty I know and now that I think of it “I was always a hungry little pig”is the best way to explain it.


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