The Threads


The Threads

I wake up n I walk to the window

The sun shines as bright as the morning it was yesterday..

It lures it haunts with so many promises..

of Memories I”ll make if I make it one more day..

The dead will be gone and the living will move on..

for every morning I”ll shine as bright as yesterday’ it says

wake up and you’ll see the threads you tied yourself with

to the people you hoped you shall remain forever and together.

The thread shimmers, the thread shines..

on the daylight I’m happy I feel so right..

I dance I sing I walk around with the people I love..with people my thread has latched on’

But as the dawn comes..I can see them disappearing

one by one slowely..pitch dark! and I am blind

My threads..I can’t control them anymore..

now it has me hanging like a puppet in a show

which are the strings I should let go

“I just don’t KNOw”

Hang in there with the dawn there will be a sunrise I say

Tomorrow I will see my threads shimmer and glow again..

But the dawn is too grips are lose

I am tired, and I don't know 
if there are threads at all for me to choose

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