why i know i can never be a vegeterian!!!

chicken 1

TO KNOW why, i willl take you back to my childhood incident.

As a child i was a gentle creature. I loved animals and birds and chickens.

Infact i loved looking over chicken that my mom raised as my pass time. On occasions and festivals these chickens were sacrificed, ofcourse without our knowledge at beginning. One day there was an important occassion. To give offerings to gods, a chicken was chosen and taken for a sacrifice infront of my eye.I followed and saw what they were going to do with the chicken. I cried and cried infront of my mother pleading to let her go. I cried so hard. But it was all vain.

After an hour or so i was called for dinner. I refused. But after sometime i started getting hungry. i went to kitchen and asked for dinner to my sister. The food never tasted so tasty after all my hardwork of crying to save that chicken.

And yes you guessed right. Moments later i found that the soup they served was of chicken. i was in despair..grief..But i was hungry and the food was so tasty..So i went to ask for another serving to my sister,crying the whole way, crying all the time i ate that food.


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