Top 10 interesting dogs on my list!! (I)

I love dogs. All kinds of dogs. All sizes and all breeds. But, here is a specific list of top 10 dog breeds that i find particularly interesting. Not necessarily favorite, BUT interesting in one way or other. If you have any, please let me know too.


Here is my attempt’ You know am learning right? 🙂



  1. Siberian Huskies and The Alaskan Malamute-  

Siberian Husky


Alaskan Malamute (pinterest)

OOPs, two dogs on the same category?

Yup, people they are together in the list, cause FOR ME, huskies and malamutes don’t go alone without the other. Of course, these are entirely two different breeds with two distinct genetic make ups and physical attributes to begin with, but they also do have  a lot in common with each other compared to the rest of dog family . One for instance is, they are both sled dogs, capable of surviving the extreme cold of arctic winter. How cool is that?

I still don’t know, what attracts me most about these dogs. Is it their resemblance to their ancestors ‘The wolves’, their handsome furry coats or their photogenic  gaze ? Or is it because of  their heroic deed on the movie ‘Eight below’, where i ended up collecting a bucket of tears. In either ways, i love these dogs!

Its surprising how many people can’t tell apart between the huskies and the malamutes. No big deal. I couldn’t too before. But, if you do some research you’ll come across a ton of articles that lists at least 10-15 dissimilarities between them. Then you will be like ‘Oh i know now’.. The basic however is, Siberian huskies are the ones with icy cold eyes- blue, sometimes brown or grey. They have slender bodies compared to malamutes and their tails does not roll back unlike their familiar looking cousins.

And oh boy-oh boy, these dogs can howl. Beware of that when you adopt one.


2) Chihuahua-  


What was that tiny dog called, that Paris Hilton always carried on her arms? Oh ‘Tinkerbell?’ Yeah, it was a chihuahua, the smallest and the oldest dog breed known to man kind. Bet you didn’t know that, did you?

Did you also know, these small legged creatures weighing just about 4-6 pounds (1.1/2kg -3kg) were originally from Mexico and they used to royals? You heard right.  They were initially bred to be companions, especially bed warmers for those of royal families. Now, maybe not so much popular in the blue blood, but the breed still holds strong admiration from the celebrities and those from the common households. Reason? Look at it. Its so tiny and cuddly with small fist size head and big big round eyes.  But’ i warn you, for its miniature frame, its got a nasty temper.

Not only that, as fragile as it looks, the breed is actually tough and has the longest life expectancy compared to other breeds. Some have known to live till 20 years. Now that on human years would mean, me living one whole century(100 years!!).


 3) Corgi-



Google word ‘Corgi’ and you will find hundreds and hundreds of pictures of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with her adorable dogs  ‘the Corgis’. You will notice at a glance that these are small dogs with well built physique, furry tail, pointed ears and bubbly eyes.

The breed comes in two varieties, The Pembroke’ and ‘The Cardigan’, among which Pembroke is more popular one, being the choice of Queen herself. However, experts say there are hardly any differences between the two except some physical traits, like the ‘Cardigan’ is more heavier and longer than pembroke. The breed was developed at ‘Wales’, hence the word ‘Corgi’ which  means ‘dwarf’ in Welsh language. However, do not be deceived by their  adorable foxy appearance,  these small dogs  are excellent herders. And can control hundreds of cattle alone;  gathering them together, barking’ ordering them around and  slipping past through their hooves if necessary, without worrying to be kicked. Thanks to their agility!  In fact it is said that ‘herding’ comes instinctively to corgis, since they were originally bred to be farm dogs for this purpose. Interesting right? Let me know, if your corgi does that at the ranch. 🙂

Binge on movies with me!!



Yup people that’s right. These past few  months i have literally abused my eyes, watching tons and tons of movies. So many, i can’t even remember. My eye bags are visible proof! Some of them were not much worth the effort. Many were good enough. Few stood out. I have prepared a list of some that i thought were good, in a sense that they either messed my head, made me sweat, ran a shiver or made me think for sometime about life. 

Here is the list. I’m sorry. I am not good with writing reviews, So, I will just be posting in the names. There are excellent blogs i follow that are out there if you are interested.. I will keep adding on this post more movies if i remember or come across other good ones. That way it will be easy for me to come back and pick the one  i want to see again. You may not have the same preference. I have been told many times, i have odd choice. But you are welcome to help yourselves to choose from the shelves too if you want. 🙂

  1. The Invisible Woman
  2. Lars and the real girl
  3. Beautiful mind
  4. Insomnia
  5. Memento
  6. Wonder Woman
  7. The boy next door
  8. Killing me softly
  9. The time traveller’s wife
  10. She’s so lovely
  11. A dog’s purpose
  12. Displacement
  13. The girl on the train
  14. Train to Busan
  15. Kong-The skull Island
  16. Passengers
  17. Its a boy girl thing
  18. Beauty and the beast
  19. Benny and Joon 
  20. The girl with all the gifts
  21. Before i fall
  22. Obsessed

The list will only keep getting longer. Lemme know if you have watched any good movies recently. i will watch that too 🙂

P.S- i watched a lot of animated movies  too (Sahara, boss baby, smurfs-the lost village and so on on on )

My Favourite Nepalese Food!! Part 5.

6) Selroti

Selroti is a type of round bread, prepared traditionally on occasion of Tihar ( one of the longest festival of Nepal). However, since it is easy to prepare and can be stored for longer duration, you can also find it on local restaurants as a part of a lunch or a breakfast. This is good. Especially for me because, i don’t want to wait  one  whole year for the occasion to come just to eat it.



The bread is prepared out of rice  flour. The texture and the  appearance it receives, is from the type of flour that has been used to prepare it. Usually on local restaurants, you will notice that the surface of their dough is smooth. Its because, they use  ‘Instant flour’, that is highly refined. Conventionally, people soak the rice over night and grind it to prepare flour, so that it is not too powdery. That way, crustiness  develops on the exterior, preserving the primary essence  of this bread.

Personally for me, selroti is associated with some childhood memories. Those days of long hours of work, sitting down and grinding  the rice along with my cousins.  And believe me,  when i say ‘we had to grind’, it was a whole lot of grinding work, up to 20 kg rice sometimes.  And after we were done, mom used to take over, preparing  tons and tons of  bread, cooking from morning till dawn( ok, i’m exaggerating now! 😉 ).



I meant, she prepared many. Not just for us, family members and relatives but also to give away to ‘deusi and bhailo team’, in exchange for the blessings they gave to our households on Tihar.  So, the day ahead of the festival was literally always a labor day. Still, the taste of bread always made it worth.

A selroti is a round shaped bread, mixed with sugar, coconut powder, ghee and sometimes with milk. It is sweet in taste and a bit oily since it is cooked by deep frying. Which would mean, people avoiding fried food may not like it and those preferring salt to sweet savories may not fancy it.  However, for  a person looking for authentic Nepali bread taste, this is the what you search for on menu.


There is popular belief that sharing a selroti with family members and friends on festival of Tihar bonds ties together and makes them stronger. ‘Tied like the ring of selroti’ is what they say.


7) Jujudhau

Jujudhau is a very popular delicacy among kathmandities and those from Bhaktapur. It is one of the tastiest form of youghurt available, that is locally prepared by indigenous population of bhaktapur ‘ Newars’.  ‘Juju’ in Newari  language means ‘King’. Hence the word ‘Jujudhau’, means  ‘King of the curds’, that rightly fits its popularity.



The curd can be locally bought on supermarkets, although it tastes best when you buy it on its place of origin’. It is available  either in small cute  jars, or thick saucer shaped containers. In either way, you will notice that these  are always given on  vessels made of mud. The reason being the porosity of these mud made holders, that absorbs all the water part leaving behind a thick creamy paste of curd alone. There are rumors, that the delightful taste of Jujudhau is due to it’s secret recipe. But…i have no idea. If you are interested, google it. (IT has everything!!! Can you believe it?. I typed ‘why are people stupid 😉 And it came with a list of articles on probable causes and researches done. You try, type anything..)

Jokes aside. Jujudhau is my favourite of all desserts. Try once, you wont forget it. I always get the big one when i buy. The little jars are such a tease..

There is a particular day ‘Ashar 15’ in Nepal, known as ‘Dahi-Chiura khaney din’, which in English translates as a ‘day to eat yogurt and beaten rice’. The sales of Yogurts are maximum this day, especially ‘Jujudhau’.


8) Newari Khaja Set

Most of the authentic Nepali foods, originate from the ethnic group ‘Newar’, who were the primary residents of the Valley, before the unification by King Prithivi Narayan Shah. So, most of the foods you get to eat on kathmandu will be from the Newari dishes. There are many. More than a dozen. But, my personal choice  is ‘Newari khaja set’.

newari kitchen

Newari kitchen

As the name says, it’s a set made together by putting together variety of foods.  Usually includes beaten rice (chiura), marinated water buffalo’s meat (choila), bean curry (bhuti), achar ( pickles, could be simple tomato/ raddish pickle/ garden peas/chick peas pickle) and spiced boiled potatoes (aalu). There could number of additional dishes, like boiled/fried egg, spinach, gundruk (fermented leaves) etc etc depending on individual preference and the choice of restaurant.  But, be assured there will be at least 4/5 varieties. Good deal huh?

Since the meal is wholesome, the set is quite popular among  Newaris for big gathering occasions or festival seasons. It is a great out door meal too, especially for times, when you are hanging out with your big gang of friends, perhaps with a beer bottle or fizzy can in hand and talking all about, you know ‘life happens’ stuff..

auntys lunch

This is a homemade one! Notice my fat foot? 😉

Most of the ingredients are spicy so make sure you know how much of ‘hot stuff’ you can take before you order, but usually is mild, except for pickle and the meat ‘choila’. And oh boy,oh boy,  ‘Choila’ is the best thing. So, ignore everything and taste ‘it’ first, if you want to be sure, you paid money for a good thing.







Lets play hide and seek!!


(Just having fun with the words for my sketch  attempt) :p

Lets play hide and seek baby.

You run,

pretending you are the rat.

I will chase,


Following  behind you swiftly…

Like the fat hungry furry cat.


And ‘squeak squeak’ where is my little mouse?? i will call.

You don’t have to answer..Nope.

It’s a thrill, i am looking for.


‘Thump thump thump’

Oooh..Then i will hear your pounding heart

‘Peek a boo’ !! Can i shout please..

Or Scream perhaps, to stop it from beating so fast.

Or may be,

i will want to  be silent

Just long enough to polish my paws, lick my lips,

And sharpen my claws..

Before i decide to make a light snack out of you,

‘ A dessert’, ahead of my regular sunday brunch.


SLURP….. you are delicious!!





Being Myself. No more Chameleon! ;)

I have been too messed, i have been too solved.. Many times i was wrong, many times i agreed others were right even when i knew they were wrong. I was firm, but again i moulded many times too to adjust..A chameleon, to my instinct. I never knew my own true colors, my true form.. I was green when everything around me was green, i was red when everything around me was red. I was never too sure..I was never too open about myself. I was sceptical..I am sceptical..

A part of me still wonders..which side of my face is staring back at me from the mirror. The one that says ‘who cares’or the one that says ‘I do!’. BUUT at least  it isn’t the same anymore. I am not lost.. I have found my edges to balance. I have realised, no matter which side i’m bending to, people who care despite all my nuisance will still stick with me. ‘BEING MYSELF’ is all that i can be for now and for be happy.

BE YOURSELF”””’. I think i unlocked the ultimate secret to happiness  in these two words. What do you think?? 🙂 🙂


Late night thoughts..Good vibes’

My friend and i were walking down street when her friend joined in. He didn’t talk much so, i rather felt odd  like a third wheel. Some time later he went his way and i tried to wave him a friendly goodbye  but, he turned me a blind eye. I stood there feeling odd. Then my friend smiled at me and said..’You don’t notice it do you? He likes you.’

Well its been a long time since somone actually told me that i was being liked..yeah i gues i sound like  pathetic little attention seeker.. huh? Well the thing is,  i didn’t think i would be feeling this good after all those little nasty heartaches i had..

Now, however, there is this person..Never in my life i thought i would find someone completly other than my stereotype cute..He has moustache for god sake!!( Wel am sorry for guys with moustache out there. Am sure you rock with it but personally i was never fond of it.. 😉 ) Yeah, he is cute. And has charming personality and.. sorta has a strange humor that i can relate to.. And that belive me with my personality its a hard match to find. My friend thinks that i should ask him out. COZ she thinks he notices me…NOW, u know why this late night thought has ‘good vibes’ written on it. Don’t you? Hahahha

I might ask him out or i might not.. But, the good thing is, am glad to be feeling this way.. Its good to be back, feeling ‘bubbly’ again! Isn’t it?

🙂 🙂


Late Night Thought..

Lately i have been thinking too much..It’s exhausting but i can’t seem to help it. There is no head, no tail. Feels like i’m going round and round on circles. I have been cutting through the wires, getting out, making an escape. Latching to one end hoping to get to another and out of the whirlpool. But there again, another endless circle traps me in. And now its making me think, all along perhaps it was me, bending the wires round and round. Perhaps it was me all along seeing things how i wanted it, making things how i sub consciously planned it..

It’s funny how mind plays tricks. All along it had always known, its me..never letting me realise i am’ my own victim.

My Favorite Nepalese Foods!! Part 4.

5)Aloo Tamako Tarkari

One of my Favourite! Yes! But, honestly neither I nor my mom, have ever cooked this dish on our own. (You got me. Mom isn’t very big with cookery. And me…I’m a recipe for disaster when i turn on the stove. Might as well say, i’m a ticking bomb on the kitchen 😉 )But again, they say ‘Mustache doesn’t stop an eating mouth’!! Not mine at least.

So, what is Aloo-tama?

Ever eaten any dishes prepared out of bamboo shoot?


Yes, it’s a delicious, soury, a little spicy cuisine made with ‘Bamboo shoot’ as primary ingredient. The recipe, also includes potatoes, black eyed beans, tomatoes, some hot spices with 1/2 chillies and corriander, as a plus/minus, according to how you like it.  Here is how it looks like, when its done.



It’s great to eat with roti (flat bread) or selroti (a round dough like bread). The taste will be even more relishing.. if you are a big fan of mouth watering acidic tang on your me!!

6) Sukuti ko Achar.

In Nepali, the word ‘Sukuti’ means ‘very skinny’. ‘Sukuti’ for girls and ‘Sukutey’ for boys. I’m thinking perhaps that’s how it got it’s name..perhaps? Just a wild guess though. (So Smart!! Amn’t i? ;))   .Anyways, basically for preparing sukuti, meat is chopped into pieces, thin long segments and dried for days out in the heat of the sun (traditionally) or on a fire. Naturally, this will end up giving a ‘dry meat’ product that is denatured, shrunken and rough textured. 

jomson co uk

Guessed it right. That is sukuti!

However, hold your thoughts right there! Surviving these harsh conditions might make it look less appetizing but trust me, put in a recipe together as a achar (side dish in a pickle form with tomatoes) or a soup, it tastes Yum Yum. Some people prefer consuming it directly also (like my mom), from those available in packed forms for commercial purposes. Thes are spiced enough and crispy to grind…Don’t worry, they are put in oven. So, are safe to consume. (Just in case if you are wondering, it’s uncooked..)

My mom is super fan of Sukuti. Especially Sukutiko achar. It makes a great starter and a duo with Alcohol. (Well that’s what she says). Be it tongba/ chhyang/ rakshi (home made liquor) or whisky/ brandy/ wine (whatever that comes in bottle, may be fizzi drinks too).


Tough and chewy, that’s how the local ones are, and that’s how she thinks sukutis should be like. (Sometimes, i can’t help but think, if my mom was a jaguar or a croc in her previous life..Have you seen on the documentaries, the amount of force these killers exert on their jaws? They can crush human skulls and can devour everything down to pieces . Nasty things, i tell you. Of course.. i’m not implying my mom is a predator here..Never..  😉 ).

As for me, and of course Dad, we like our sukuti soft, just enough cooked in a way that it doesn’t lose it’s texture but still manages to release that peculiar taste. And yeah, if you have brittle teeth sets too,  better go for softer ones. You don’t want to chew and chew and chew like 10 times and fall asleep right there, without ever enjoying it. Do you?

(P.S- You can use any meat to prepare sukuti. Red meat. I don’t know if anyone ever has prepared sukuti of chicken. Wonder how would it taste? But, in Nepal, never ask for Beef meat! Never! It’s a National Animal of the country. And prayed as a sacred case you did not kno)  

The Joker and Harley “Queen”

For all those who fancy Joker and Harley’ one of my favorites!! 😁😁


Take a look at a perfect pair

They go together like a time share.

These two can be a million miles apart

But yet they can share the same heart.

He’ll do anything to make her smile

She’ll do anything to drive him wild.

She’s by his side day and night

And for her happiness he will fight.

The road they started on was rough

It wasn’t easy, it was rather tough.

They dedicated their heart and soul

And they’ve developed something beautiful.

She tells him how dark she can be

But it’s only the light in her he can see.

He likes to twist words, play with the mind

But she understands him and she’s kind.

They developed a repore of trust,

And a bond much stronger than glue.

She grows more dedicated to him

And there’s nothing for her he wouldn’t do.

This is a relationship being written,

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The alternative Kathmandu: #5 The lost noses of Kantipur!

Another read into history of Nepal. Bravo dai 😊😊

Tales of Mindful Travel

The alternative Kathmandu


If this is your second visit to Kathmandu you may be in need of a few thoughts to explore the city further, understand it more, so you don’t just have a quick stay before shooting off to Pokhara, Solu Kumbhu etc. If this is your first visit then we hope to help you get more out of your trip and get out of the mainstream rather than following the hordes every day to Swayambhu, Pashpatinath or Durbar Square.

#5 Kirtipur’s Lost Noses!


If you visit only one town outside of the ring road encircling Kathmandu then make it Kirtipur. Another -pur to add to your list of Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and Kantipur but do you know the derivation of the part-word?

Originally another Newar city until the unification by Prithvi Narayan Shah in 1767, its history dates back to 1099 AD when it was part of Lalitpur. Now…

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