Lets play hide and seek!!


(Just having fun with the words for my sketch  attempt) :p

Lets play hide and seek baby.

You run,

pretending you are the rat.

I will chase,


Following  behind you swiftly…

Like the fat hungry furry cat.


And ‘squeak squeak’ where is my little mouse?? i will call.

You don’t have to answer..Nope.

It’s a thrill, i am looking for.


‘Thump thump thump’

Oooh..Then i will hear your pounding heart

‘Peek a boo’ !! Can i shout please..

Or Scream perhaps, to stop it from beating so fast.

Or may be,

i will want to  be silent

Just long enough to polish my paws, lick my lips,

And sharpen my claws..

Before i decide to make a light snack out of you,

‘ A dessert’, ahead of my regular sunday brunch.


SLURP….. you are delicious!!





Being Myself. No more Chameleon! ;)

I have been too messed, i have been too solved.. Many times i was wrong, many times i agreed others were right even when i knew they were wrong. I was firm, but again i moulded many times too to adjust..A chameleon, to my instinct. I never knew my own true colors, my true form.. I was green when everything around me was green, i was red when everything around me was red. I was never too sure..I was never too open about myself. I was sceptical..I am sceptical..

A part of me still wonders..which side of my face is staring back at me from the mirror. The one that says ‘who cares’or the one that says ‘I do!’. BUUT at least  it isn’t the same anymore. I am not lost.. I have found my edges to balance. I have realised, no matter which side i’m bending to, people who care despite all my nuisance will still stick with me. ‘BEING MYSELF’ is all that i can be for now and for life..to be happy.

BE YOURSELF”””’. I think i unlocked the ultimate secret to happiness  in these two words. What do you think?? 🙂 🙂


Late night thoughts..Good vibes’

My friend and i were walking down street when her friend joined in. He didn’t talk much so, i rather felt odd  like a third wheel. Some time later he went his way and i tried to wave him a friendly goodbye  but, he turned me a blind eye. I stood there feeling odd. Then my friend smiled at me and said..’You don’t notice it do you? He likes you.’

Well its been a long time since somone actually told me that i was being liked..yeah i gues i sound like  pathetic little attention seeker.. huh? Well the thing is,  i didn’t think i would be feeling this good after all those little nasty heartaches i had..

Now, however, there is this person..Never in my life i thought i would find someone completly other than my stereotype cute..He has moustache for god sake!!( Wel am sorry for guys with moustache out there. Am sure you rock with it but personally i was never fond of it.. 😉 ) Yeah, he is cute. And has charming personality and.. sorta has a strange humor that i can relate to.. And that belive me with my personality its a hard match to find. My friend thinks that i should ask him out. COZ she thinks he notices me…NOW, u know why this late night thought has ‘good vibes’ written on it. Don’t you? Hahahha

I might ask him out or i might not.. But, the good thing is, am glad to be feeling this way.. Its good to be back, feeling ‘bubbly’ again! Isn’t it?

🙂 🙂


Late Night Thought..

Lately i have been thinking too much..It’s exhausting but i can’t seem to help it. There is no head, no tail. Feels like i’m going round and round on circles. I have been cutting through the wires, getting out, making an escape. Latching to one end hoping to get to another and out of the whirlpool. But there again, another endless circle traps me in. And now its making me think, all along perhaps it was me, bending the wires round and round. Perhaps it was me all along seeing things how i wanted it, making things how i sub consciously planned it..

It’s funny how mind plays tricks. All along it had always known, its me..never letting me realise i am’ my own victim.

My Favorite Nepalese Foods!! Part 4.

5)Aloo Tamako Tarkari

One of my Favourite! Yes! But, honestly neither I nor my mom, have ever cooked this dish on our own. (You got me. Mom isn’t very big with cookery. And me…I’m a recipe for disaster when i turn on the stove. Might as well say, i’m a ticking bomb on the kitchen 😉 )But again, they say ‘Mustache doesn’t stop an eating mouth’!! Not mine at least.

So, what is Aloo-tama?

Ever eaten any dishes prepared out of bamboo shoot?



Yes, it’s a delicious, soury, a little spicy cuisine made with ‘Bamboo shoot’ as primary ingredient. The recipe, also includes potatoes, black eyed beans, tomatoes, some hot spices with 1/2 chillies and corriander, as a plus/minus, according to how you like it.  Here is how it looks like, when its done.



It’s great to eat with roti (flat bread) or selroti (a round dough like bread). The taste will be even more relishing.. if you are a big fan of mouth watering acidic tang on your cravings..like me!!

6) Sukuti ko Achar.

In Nepali, the word ‘Sukuti’ means ‘very skinny’. ‘Sukuti’ for girls and ‘Sukutey’ for boys. I’m thinking perhaps that’s how it got it’s name..perhaps? Just a wild guess though. (So Smart!! Amn’t i? ;))   .Anyways, basically for preparing sukuti, meat is chopped into pieces, thin long segments and dried for days out in the heat of the sun (traditionally) or on a fire. Naturally, this will end up giving a ‘dry meat’ product that is denatured, shrunken and rough textured. 

jomson co uk


Guessed it right. That is sukuti!

However, hold your thoughts right there! Surviving these harsh conditions might make it look less appetizing but trust me, put in a recipe together as a achar (side dish in a pickle form with tomatoes) or a soup, it tastes Yum Yum. Some people prefer consuming it directly also (like my mom), from those available in packed forms for commercial purposes. Thes are spiced enough and crispy to grind…Don’t worry, they are put in oven. So, are safe to consume. (Just in case if you are wondering, it’s uncooked..)

My mom is super fan of Sukuti. Especially Sukutiko achar. It makes a great starter and a duo with Alcohol. (Well that’s what she says). Be it tongba/ chhyang/ rakshi (home made liquor) or whisky/ brandy/ wine (whatever that comes in bottle, may be fizzi drinks too).



Tough and chewy, that’s how the local ones are, and that’s how she thinks sukutis should be like. (Sometimes, i can’t help but think, if my mom was a jaguar or a croc in her previous life..Have you seen on the documentaries, the amount of force these killers exert on their jaws? They can crush human skulls and can devour everything down to pieces . Nasty things, i tell you. Of course.. i’m not implying my mom is a predator here..Never..  😉 ).

As for me, and of course Dad, we like our sukuti soft, just enough cooked in a way that it doesn’t lose it’s texture but still manages to release that peculiar taste. And yeah, if you have brittle teeth sets too,  better go for softer ones. You don’t want to chew and chew and chew like 10 times and fall asleep right there, without ever enjoying it. Do you?

(P.S- You can use any meat to prepare sukuti. Red meat. I don’t know if anyone ever has prepared sukuti of chicken. Wonder how would it taste? But, in Nepal, never ask for Beef meat! Never! It’s a National Animal of the country. And prayed as a sacred animal..in case you did not kno)  

The Joker and Harley “Queen”

For all those who fancy Joker and Harley’ one of my favorites!! 😁😁


Take a look at a perfect pair

They go together like a time share.

These two can be a million miles apart

But yet they can share the same heart.

He’ll do anything to make her smile

She’ll do anything to drive him wild.

She’s by his side day and night

And for her happiness he will fight.

The road they started on was rough

It wasn’t easy, it was rather tough.

They dedicated their heart and soul

And they’ve developed something beautiful.

She tells him how dark she can be

But it’s only the light in her he can see.

He likes to twist words, play with the mind

But she understands him and she’s kind.

They developed a repore of trust,

And a bond much stronger than glue.

She grows more dedicated to him

And there’s nothing for her he wouldn’t do.

This is a relationship being written,

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The alternative Kathmandu: #5 The lost noses of Kantipur!

Another read into history of Nepal. Bravo dai 😊😊

Tales of Mindful Travel

The alternative Kathmandu


If this is your second visit to Kathmandu you may be in need of a few thoughts to explore the city further, understand it more, so you don’t just have a quick stay before shooting off to Pokhara, Solu Kumbhu etc. If this is your first visit then we hope to help you get more out of your trip and get out of the mainstream rather than following the hordes every day to Swayambhu, Pashpatinath or Durbar Square.

#5 Kirtipur’s Lost Noses!


If you visit only one town outside of the ring road encircling Kathmandu then make it Kirtipur. Another -pur to add to your list of Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and Kantipur but do you know the derivation of the part-word?

Originally another Newar city until the unification by Prithvi Narayan Shah in 1767, its history dates back to 1099 AD when it was part of Lalitpur. Now…

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The alternative Kathmandu: #1 A walk back in time.

A Walk back to time indeed 🙂

Tales of Mindful Travel

The alternative Kathmandu


If this is your second visit to Kathmandu you may be in need of a few thoughts to explore the city further, understand it more, so you don’t just have a quick stay before shooting off to Pokhara, Solu Kumbhu etc. If this is your first visit then we hope to help you get more out of your trip and get out of the mainstream rather than following the hordes every day to Swayambhu, Pashpatinath or Durbar Square.


1 Basantapur to Thamel

This is our #1 city walk through some of the oldest parts of Kathmandu. We’re not going to give you a detailed map (Google offline download of Kathmandu should do that!) nor is this a history of the area. Suffice to say you could do this at a decent pace in 30 mins or about 90 mins if you take lots of photos and explore…

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My Favourite Nepalese Foods!! Part 3

3)Bhat, Daal and Tarkari.

Honestly for me and my family , not a day goes by, without having a proper set of ‘Bhat, Daal and Tarkari’.  I can vouch, same goes for any Nepalese family whether living in Nepal or abroad.  And as I mentioned previously,  ‘Dhidho and Sishnu’ may be the traditional Nepalese food, but staple diet is this set, a cuisine very well popular in South East Asia.


Bhat, Daal, Tarkari with Achar, gheu (liquified ghee), papaad and machha(fish).

‘Bhat’ refers to ‘Boiled rice’ usually ‘white rice’, ‘Daal’ is soup made of lentils. Any lentils (black gram, petit yellow, pink, brown chickpeas etc etc ). And ‘Tarkari’ is a vegetable curry. Most families, add on side ‘Achar’ which basically means pickle, something that is sour and spicy, to give your tongue that last ‘click’.

I must say, do not  be surprised hearing, about people  preferring ‘Daal, bhat and tarkari’ for morning lunch and evening dinner too. If you ask me, I even make in-between meals with ‘fried rice’ from left-overs.  Why not? It is healthy as well. Fills in the definition of ‘my plate’ for healthy diet given by USDA itself. ‘Bhat’ provides ‘carbohydrate’, ‘Daal’ gives proteins and ‘Tarkari’ has  ‘greeneries,’ meaning vitamins. Bravo right?? In addition, since both ‘bhat and daal’ are boiled, the ‘fat’ content on the meal is quite less. Yupiee for me”


Thakali set

But then,  you must know the portions you want to include with these cuisine. Preferably  ‘Daal and Tarkari’ more to ‘Bhat’. Otherwise, like my mom says ”Dumb like there is nothing in your head except Bhat, Bhat and Bhat’. 😉


Last time i had a ‘delecious’ invite over.. hehhe

4) Wai Wai noodles.

Yup! When you walk in Nepal and you don’t buy this ‘packet’ of brown noodle, you might want to give  a second thought, to  ‘how complete was your trip to Nepal?’. I tell you, as much as the popularity of momo goes, it runs side by side. You can boil it, fry it,  have it just the way it was packed or season it raw and enjoy the crustiness, while you sit together with your friends for house warming gatherings, movies or kitty parties! It is perfect for occasions..believe me. And it comes in all flavors’

That is me stocking my ‘wai wai’ load, when i last entered into a Nepali shop.


Love seasoning it and eating it unprepared.


LOve this one boiled or fried.

At other times, when i run out os stock, i try my best effort to survive with any other noodle available. Thank God for Ramens!! Nepalese are superfans of Noodles” did you know that? Atleast everyone that i know of 🙂

My Favourite Nepalese Foods!! Part 2.


Yup MOMO!  And as good as the name has a ring to it, believe me, the taste is equally good, infact better.

(My current status and usual status)

It is the most popular dish among kathmandities. And there are no streets in Kathmandu, to my knowledge at least, that won’t serve you a delicious plate, be it a local restaurant, cafeteria, hotels or street vendors. Of course, nothing tastes better than ‘home made momos’. But, for that, you will have to wait for a big gathering or some sorta family reunion, where everyone participates in the cooking process. (The trend is big in Nepal. Invitation to ‘MoMo party’ is  a big YES always! )


And trust me, when i say it, every household in Kathmandu knows the recipe for ‘these dumplings’. However, many of us still prefer eating outdoors or ordering take-aways because  ‘gulping them quick’ is much easier than sitting down and ‘preparing them’. Stating the obvious fact. (No one likes to play chef when one gets to be a customer..Right? Atleast not me :))

So enough of that then. Lets start with, what is momo and how is it prepared? 

‘Momo’ is a basically a ‘steamed dumpling’, made either with vegetables or meat wrapped in  flour. Ones like Chinese dumpling but much smaller in size. That  reminds me to mention, the dish itself may not be a of ‘Nepalese origin’, though’ where and how did it flourish in Nepal is definitely an answer i am looking forward to know.

So, preparation of ‘Momo’ is a two step process. 1) prepare the wrap and 2) Make the filling.

Question is, how do you prepare the wrap? Well, make the dough by usual process, mixing water with flour and kneading till the consistency is right. Do i need to explain more??? Oh well..Pound the flour, squeeze it and press; time and again with your heels firmly on it, back and forth, till the flour is soft, elastic and smooth.. So when you are done, poke it, does it spring back? If it does so, and also maintains it’s shape while you leave it lying on the rolling surface, then bravo! The dough is perfect and ready to be used anytime. Take a small portion  now, and roll it into a small flat disc, gently with a rolling pin. There” the wrapper is ready too.  (Reminder, that portion is just for one dumpling. You have 10 dumplings in a plate for one person.)



The second step is to make the filling. If you are vegetarian, you can prepare fillers with onions, cabbages and neutrellas. Infact anything, you want the fillers to be prepared of. And if you are a non-vegetarian like me, mix meat (any meat of your choice) with onions, cabbages, salt and spices (according to your taste).  And by now, i will have to trust that, when you are putting together the fillers, you were smart enough to grind the ingredients  in the blender.  Because, remember, it’s a STEAMED dumpling, you don’t want under cooked chunks. 

Now, once your wrap is done and fillers are ready. Fill the belly of wrap with the fillers and knot the wrap, gently at top. Make sure it is enclosed from all around the corner while you do so. (Traditional momos are usually cooked closed, other types may be open style like pic below. The openings are to add the sauces). Now steam them for 7-8 minutes. And serve, while the aroma still fills in your senses and the momos are still  hot with juiciness, just boiling over their surface. I suggest something as simple as a  tomato soup to go with it since it blends in perfectly with the taste, trust me. But, if you are thinking otherwise, any other sauce works great too.




Personally, for me, the perfect time to have momo is in ‘Winter’ or a ‘Cold chilly Rainy day’. Imagine, taking a bite through it’s soft supple contours, when the bun finally gives in to your demanding hunger. Imagine that moment, when the steam inside the wrap, puffs into your nostrils as a ‘give away’ sign to you, releasing into your mouth the mixed savouries, the flavors of all, that it was steaming over with. And now, picture yourself, watching  the vapour, escape from it  blending in with the thick winter fog to nothing infront of your own very eyes, while the taste of it lingers in your tongue wanting more and the pits of your stomach gives  the deepest gratifying nod..